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At Read-Able Learning Clinic in Lilburn, GA, we use evidence-based, multi-sensory methods for reading, study skills, counseling, and attention training, giving every student an opportunity to grow and succeed.

We offer:

READING ASSESSMENT AND INSTRUCTION in phonics, fluency, comprehension and composition, including Orton-Gillingham for dyslexia.

ADHD ATTENTION TRAINING using biofeedback and neurofeedback to enhance brain processing speed, visual memory, short-term memory, auditory processing, concentration, focus and organization. Interactive Metronome.

MUSIC THERAPY:  Individual and Small Group. 

Individual sessions and special needs groups may be covered by third-party funding.

Affordable Rates:

  • Reading Assessment:  $495:  (Includes comprehensive testing for phonics, fluency, written expression, narrative language, and problem solving, as well as interpretation, a written report, and parent conference.)
  • Reading intervention:  $70/hr
  • Individual Counseling: (Anxiety, Depression, Self-Esteem) $70-$90/hr.
  • Attention/Executive Function Training:  $70-$85/hr.
  • IEP Planning & Advocacy: $85.00/hr
  • Music Therapy-Individual & group rates
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