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Education Success Specialists!

Focus! Read! Succeed!

COVID-19: In-clinic appointments require masks and social distancing.

Read-Able Learning Clinic is a developmental reading and therapy clinic dedicated to helping students excel academically, emotionally, and socially. We assist families with IEP planning and service coordination.

  • Our Reading Specialist provides assessment and evidence-based instruction in reading, comprehension, writing, and study skills, as well as IEP preparation
  • Our Music Therapist offers individual sessions to support learning, and group sessions for socialization and fun!
  • Our Licensed Counselor addresses anxiety, depression, and social adjustment, as well as attention training & executive function.
  • Our team provides IEP Planning & Advocacy to develop strong, meaningful academic support for your child at public and private schools. 
  • If you are looking for coordination and collaboration to support your child's academic, emotional and social success, talk to the staff at Read-Able!


Our team uses an individualized, developmental approach to intervention based on whole mind and body learning. We use multi-sensory instruction which provides students with visual, auditory and motor memory stimuli during the learning process. We incorporate each student's strengths and talents to increase confidence and commitment.

Our clinic conducts thorough assessments using up-to-date standardized measures to provide state-of-the-art instruction in reading, comprehension and study skills, resulting in long-term results. We also work closely with other disciplines, including speech/language therapy and occupational therapy to address language and sensory challenges.

We offer Literacy and Life Skills for adult students with special needs.

We offer the Accessible Literacy for All Program for students with Down Syndrome.

We offer DIR Floortime to improve language and relational skills for students with Autism.

We offer biofeedback and neurofeedback for ADHD attention training and self-regulation.

We Believe in Family Participation

When you become a part of Read-Able Learning Clinic, each student's family is encouraged to participate in the learning process by staying informed of their children’s goals and progress and by offering support and encouragement at home. Families participate in regular conferences to stay informed of student progress.

Come check it out for yourself!

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